Custom Stone Masonry in Buncombe County

Add elegance to your porch, gate, garden, even a mailbox. With solid footers on compact, clay-rich soil, our columns can support many tons of weight. Sides can be plumb or tapered, and we can include recesses for plaques.

Fieldstone Columns, Kimberly Avenue, Asheville

These columns and the walls adjoining them feature extremely tight joints. They provide a formal entrance to the home’s front patio and include a plaque with a light.

Fieldstone Columns

Fieldstone columns, French Broad Food Co-op, downtown Asheville. The construction of these columns, as well as the outdoor counter and patio, brought increased recognition to Asheville’s oldest cooperative grocery.

Hooper's Creek column, Albemarle Park, Asheville

This is the outermost of four columns supporting the house’s upper story.

Our columns are built to exacting standards. They can support tens of thousands of pounds from a second floor, frame a porch for added privacy, or add a look of timelessness to new construction.

This stone, a local granite, is notoriously difficult to shape with a chisel; add the narrow dimensions of any column, and tight joints become a challenge. A good eye helps keep chisel work (which can “bruise” harder stone, making it brittle and shortening its lifespan) to a minimum.

Stone Column to Support Your Roof

Fieldstone column, Kenilworth, Asheville. Tapered sides and natural faces work together to create the visual movement requested by the owner.