Stone Ponds, Streams, and Waterfalls in Asheville

Custom Stonemasonry in Buncombe County NC

We have a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Asheville area, and in particular the streams, swimming holes, and waterfalls that surround it. Our focus is on using locally sourced river stones, available in various sizes, as well as boulders and fieldstone to create aquatic environments that reflect those of the regional landscape.

We love creating natural settings that provide a sense of harmony with the environment. Whether you want a quiet spot by a brook, a pond, or a waterfall, our stonemasons are here to help turn your desires into reality.

Riverstone Pond and Fountain, Reems Creek, Weaverville.

Using large riverstones as a border material for your water feature is a great way to lend it some authenticity. These substantial stones, worn smooth by water over time, bring a touch of wilderness right into your backyard and lending a sense of stability and permanence.

They also serve a practical purposes. They help define the boundaries of the water feature, preventing soil erosion and ensuring that your water feature remains not just visually striking but durable

Dry Stacked Boulder Pond and Waterfall

Liberty Street, Asheville

These clients’ two young children enjoy splashing around in this small water feature in the summer.

All of our water features include a water pump system to keep the water moving; this prevents algae, mosquitoes, and other nuisances and requires minimal maintenance. Although natural pond beds can be built using bentonite clay and other materials, this one uses a waterproof EPDM liner.

Water can be a nuisance or an asset, depending on its relationship to the home. We harness and channel water to adorn and improve outdoor spaces and add a meditative quality.