Stone Benches in Asheville

Custom Stonework in Buncombe County

Our benches are surprisingly comfortable. With gently pitched seats and backs, and substantial thermal mass for natural temperature regulation, they are ideal for lazy afternoons with a book or socializing with close friends.

Dry-stacked stone bench,
Grove Park, Asheville

This bench, which borders a public sidewalk on a quiet residential street, was commissioned by the homeowners as a gift to the neighborhood and has been enjoyed for years now as a pedestrian rest-stop.

Semicircular stone bench, Biltmore Lake, Asheville

An old, very rustic and much loved patio was in constant need of maintenance because of the slope behind it; every rain brought a slick of mud across its surface. This bench, like many, acts as a retaining wall to safeguard usable space.

Custom Stone Masonry In Buncombe County

Dry-stacked semi-circular stone bench, Thurland Ave., Asheville. The base stones of this bench-in-progress extend back several feet; the larger ones weigh between four hundred and five hundred pounds. The bench backs are half a foot thick and extend well below the seat.

Stone Structures to Hang Out In

The finished bench, framing a dry-laid patio of Crab Orchard inlaid with fieldstone.

No matter the size, any backyard can be a source of enjoyment and refuge, a place where you can leave the rest of the world behind.

We can transform your yard from a maintenance hassle into an oasis where friends and family can gather and celebrate, or where you can unwind and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Secluded Stone Bench

Mortared Hooper’s Creek stone, Albemarle Park, Asheville

This bench was built for privacy. The client had a small space tucked away behind some trees near her garden which she had nicknamed the Introvert’s Corner, but without something to sit in, it was never used.

Many people imagine that stone benches are uncomfortable. Stone is hard; our bodies are soft. It’s one thing to rest for a minute or two against a boulder while hiking, and another to settle down against a stone with a sketchbook or novel.

But in fact, many of us have found a dreamy nook of stone in the wild. In a pile of massive boulders, two or three happen to form something like an armchair, surprisingly cozy, whose surface has been polished by centuries of wind and rain.

We have built many benches, and our clients have always enjoyed making use of them. Stone selection with an eye to comfort is key. The stones making up the seat and back are sloped just enough to invite yourself and your guests to settle in, and on a summer day their mass helps them draw cooler temperatures from the earth below, especially if they’re in the shade.

Our benches use stones from the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee because of their smooth faces, and they are built to last.