Stone Patios in Asheville

Custom Stone Masonry in Buncombe County

For our patios we use local flagstone (and long experience has taught us which varieties are the most durable). It all rests on a shallow bed of compacted gravel for drainage. Pieces are large and thick and will never rock or settle. A good patio is a work of art, adding to both your solitude and social gatherings. Yours can have extra-tight joints, mosaic inlay, or whatever best suits your personal taste.

Crab Orchard Patio with Fieldstone Inlay

Dry-laid Crab Orchard inlaid with fieldstone. This unusual technique, which we developed for the owners, transforms irregular joints into an abstract art form. Hand-selected fieldstone pieces with flat surfaces and a minimum depth of six inches are carefully placed to fill expansive gaps between flagstones. The distinctive blend of textures and surfaces in these patios creates an aesthetic like no other.

Crab Orchard Flagstone with Stained Glass Effect

Dry-laid variegated Crab Orchard stone patio in Lakeview Park, Asheville. The colors and patterns on this variety suggest the warm shallow sea that covered the region millions of years ago. 

The tight joints in this patio, combined with the variety of colors, create a stained-glass effect. The delicate look is supported by three inches of thickness and a two-inch bed of gravel beneath.

In 2016, a water main burst nearby, sending thousands of gallons cascading over the wall and inundating the patio. When the water drained away, our patio looked as good as ever. Dry-laying can withstand centuries of water, wind, and sun.

Dry-laid Crab Orchard Inlaid with Fieldstone

Thurland Avenue, Asheville

Each piece of fieldstone was selected for its thickness and for having as flat a surface as possible, and chiseled for precise fits.

The slope of this back yard made it unusable and difficult to maintain. We added a large fire circle in the center, from which the surrounding patio radiates outward; now the clients host frequent neighborhood gatherings, and enjoy privacy and family time whenever they wish.

We can build your patio in whatever style you like, and create any visual effect.

Dry-laid Fieldstone Patio

Liberty Street, Asheville

Our clients had their hearts set on the more varied texture of fieldstone for their patio, instead of the usual flagstone. Finding eight tons of fieldstone with naturally flat surfaces and large enough footprints for patio stones wasn’t easy, but Asheville’s stone yards came through. 

The end result? A patio with a unique character and rustic feel. We can bring any vision to life with the right resources and a little persistence. The clients were satisfied, and we were tired but happy.