What Happy Clients Are Saying

William and his team are true stonemasons with tremendous technical skill, knowledge about stone, and creative design skills that extend beyond the normal. Their workmanship is a beautiful work of art that blends artistically and functionally with the environment. They are wonderful to work with, dependable, trust worthy and go the extra mile to work with you. They have transformed the landscape of our house and garden that brings constant recognition. William is very intelligent, and holds a world of interesting knowledge making him a friend and a joy to share conversation.
Taveta & Andrew Grant
It's an understatement to say that Willy and Daniel are experts at their craft. When we contracted them to move several tons of large stones down our very steep property, to build a rustic retaining wall that could support a large entertainment space, we had no idea how they would pull it off. Yet, there they were, running a trackhoe filled with large stones up and down the property, making it look easy.
When they ran into a ton of buried ash that caused settling issues, they didn't blink. They just made adjustments to solve the problem. Even the beautiful mandala firepit they created just happens to face perfectly due North. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.
We cannot recommend Willy and Daniel enough. They are thoughtful, reasonable, proactive, and somehow laid back and easy to work with at the same time.

Thank you Willy and Daniel! We are happy to serve as a reference for anyone wishing to learn more.
Mike & Cindi Carlson
Willy and Daniel are the best! They built us a beautiful patio that we love and spend time on daily. They are truly artists and it was amazing to watch their thoughtful creative process. They are both wonderful to work with and their experience and patience helped us land on something that brings us joy daily! I wholeheartedly recommend choosing Shining Rock Stoneworks for your next dream project.
Jen Beasley